EnSight on macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra configures its default networking a bit differently compared to previous macOS versions.  In particular, the computer’s hostname may not be properly set in the way that EnSight and/or slimd8 expect.

The problems shows if, after you upgraded a Mac machine to Sierra, you get the following error message when starting EnSight:


ERROR: Aborting. Cannot get network info. Please check
read permission on system 'hosts' file and verify that
networking is properly configured.

If this is your situation, please check the following.

  • make sure the computer’s hostname is set.  In a window (or equivalent), type


    It should print the computer’s Internet hostname.  If this isn’t set or is set incorrectly, please contact your IT support.
  • make sure the computer’s IP address is set.  In a window (or equivalent), type

    /sbin/ping -c 5  `/bin/hostname`   # be sure to use “back tics”

    ping should report that it can successfully send five packets to your computer.  If not, please contact your IT support.
  • unset the environmental variable DISPLAY before launching EnSight. The default value of DISPLAY on macOS Sierra may conflict with how EnSight uses this value.

Please feel free to reach out via if you have questions or problems.


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