Images mismatch between version 10.1 and 10.2

EnSight 10.2 introduces a new way to do rendering, which takes advantage of the OpenGL graphics pipeline, and its powerful features. This change leads to a rendering that is faster, requires less GPU memory, and provides more realistic images.

One of the drawbacks is that the lightning settings between the two versions are different. In particular, running the same analysis in EnSight 10.1 and in early versions of EnSight 10.2 (up to 10.2.2(a)) might produce slightly different images. While the numerical values in the analysis are identical, at some angles the parts (such as clips colored by a variable) might appear slightly different, because a different light causes saturation of the colors.

The solution is to set the ambient light to zero in EnSight 10.2. Select the part and go into the Surface Property editor (color wheel icon at the top-middle). Under Lighting and Shading, set Ambient Diffuse to zero.

You can also set this to be the default, so that every time you start EnSight, the ambient light is set to zero automatically. To do so, go into Edit -> Preferences -> Parts.  In To save generic attributes for all part types, go in Click here to start. Under General, set Lighting -> Ambient to be 0.0 (default = 0.20).  Click on Save general part preferences to file. This will save a ensight_allparts_prefs.def file in your local .ensight102 directory with this preference set.  

Starting from EnSight 10.2.2(b), a change in the rendering pipeline will make image renderings the same with 10.1, so that you won't need to change the ambient lighting.

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