Using an EnVideo file with other Players

How do I use EnVideo EVO format files, with other media players and applications? 

Suppose you want to use EnVideo output in Microsoft Powerpoint or Microsoft Word, for example. As of EnSight 8. Here are two options, 
1. Hyperlink the Envideo file. 
2. Translate the evo file to mpeg1, avi, or animated gif. 

While all of these options are free (no purchase necessary), each of these has tradeoffs as follows. 

1. Hyperlinking has several advantages. Because it opens EnVideo as a separate application, this is a cross-platform solution (e.g. Windows and Macintosh) that retains the advantages of the EnVideo player and evo file format (lossless, stereo where the hardware supports it, and EnVideo's uperior controls). Hyperlinking has a couple of disadvantages, including the requirement to install the entire EnVideo software suite and the distruption of launching and switching to a new application to play the evo file. 

2. Translating the evo file to another format has several advantages. If the file is animated gif, you can use it on your website or embed it seamlessly. If it's avi or mpeg it can also be embedded and use the native player. Even quicker, rather than translating an evo file, EnSight can write out avi or mpeg files directly to save you the evo translation step. These files tend to be playable on most hardware platforms. The downside of translating an evo file is that these three formats (gif, avi, and mpeg) lose quality in the translation. Further, the translation process requires the use of CEI's video editing tool, EnVe, which means it's a two-step command-line process. 

Also, on the Macintosh (and on the Windows platform), the QuickTime movie format is supported by EnVe. QuickTime files can be embedded in many applications on the Macintosh as well. 

Note that none of these options really store the file in the application. For example, hyperlinking an evo file in a Powerpoint slide merely points to the external file, then opens EnVideo externally to play it. 

How to do each of these options 

1. How to Hyperlink an evo file into Powerpoint 

- First insert an image by selecting from the Powerpoint menu: Insert > Picture > From File... 

- Then, right-click mouse button over the existing image in Powerpoint. 

- And select: Action Settigs > Mouse Click or Over > Hyperlink To: (evo file name) 

2. How to Embed a Translated file into Powerpoint 

- You can embed an mpeg1, an .avi, or animated gif files from EnSight directly into Powerpoint as follows: 

- First, page to a Powerpoint page... 

- Then select: Insert > Movies and Sounds > Movies from file: (animation file) 

- Now when you play this page it will automatically play your animation.


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