Sharing EnLiten files with others using embedded and pack-and-go techniques

Can I send an EnLiten file to anyone? 

Yes, you are free to create and send scenario files to anyone. From EnSight, File>Save scenario will save a scenario file (.els). Scenario files can be viewed using the free geometry viewer
from CEI called EnLiten.  The basic EnLiten viewer application is free and can be downloaded from this link . EnLiten is not a licensed application and can be installed on
any supported system.  

If the person you want to share your visualization with cannot install the EnLiten package, your can use CEI's embedding technologies to create a self-extracting executable file that
contains both the EnLiten executable and the dataset. 

Here are some advantages of this approach: 

- Simplify the recipient's viewing of your results as downloading 
and installing EnLiten is no longer necessary 
- Combined file and player are smaller, because of file compression 
- The file will load faster, because EnLiten knows the memory to allocate directly 
- Copy this to a CDROM, DVD, USB memory stick, etc for portability (to Windows 
- Executable can be hyperlinked in Powerpoint 

These are called "pack-and-go" executables. There are two types of CEI pack-and go-executables:

Version 1 files are generated from within the EnLiten applicationson the Windows platform only. 

Version 2 files are generated from the GUI or scripts within EnSight and are available on most platforms. They can contain EnLiten, EnVideo or Reveal files.

To create a version 1 pack-and-go binary: 

First, create the EnLiten scenario in EnSight, then open the scenario file using EnLiten on your Windows machine. Now, create the embedded application as follows: 

File -> Save Embedded EnLiten. 

The result will be an executable with the the EnLiten player as well as the datafile in one, convenient, compressed, self-extracting file, ready for playing!

To create a version 2 pack-and-go binary (for any platform, not just Windows): 

Run EnSight and save the scenario file, but do not close the dialog. Instead, click on the 'PackNGo' tab in the scenario save dialog. Select the target architecture from the pulldown menu and click "Save packed scenario executable...".  This operation is cross-platform and you can create a Windows .exe on an Unix platform or vice versa. To be able to save an executable for a different platform EnSight and EnLiten must have been installed for that platform.  For example, to be able to save a 32bit Windows pack-and-go from a Linux system, you need to have installed both the Linux and Windows architectures of EnSight and EnLiten on the Linux system.

If you would like to save an existing EnLiten scenario to another platform (for example if you had not installed linux EnSight on a windows system and later wanted to create a pack-and-go executable for linux, using the linux version of EnSight installed on another system), you can do this by way of EnSight with the following procedure:

- Start EnSight on the desired platform. (DO NOT LOAD ANY DATA)
- Select File > Save... > Scenario... to open the Save Scenario dialog.
- Enter (or select Browse... and  select) your *.els  EnLiten Scenerio file so that the complete pathname is entered in the corresponding text field.  

NOTE: DO NOT select Save scenario ... again ...
           DO NOT select Save scenario - if you do, your existing .els file will
be overwritten!!!
- Instead, select the PackNGo tab, specify the Output architecture..., and then select Save packed scenario executable... and specify a "different" file name for the embedded EnLiten scenario file.

The result will be an embedded EnLiten scenario executable datafile in one, convenient, compressed, self-extracting file, ready for playing!

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