EnSight can't check out a key

When I run EnSight it can't check out a key. How do I fix this? 

EnSight versions 7.6.8 and newer use the slim8.key which is in the $CEI_HOME/license8 directory. 
EnSight versions at or prior to 7.6.6 use the slim7.key file which is in the $CEI_HOME/license directory. 

Windows File Naming
Note that the default is for Windows to hide known extensions.  If your file is misnamed slim8.key.key or slim8.key.txt it will show up by default as if it's name is slim8.key.  To verify that your file doesn't have an additional 'hidden' extension, go to Start>Settings>Control Panels>Folder Options and turn extension hiding off, and then verify that your file is named exactly: slim8.key

Node or Floating? 
On the computer where the EnSight client is running, verify that you have a slim8.key (or slim7.key) file in $CEI_HOME/license8/ (or in license/ ). Check the file for lines beginning with either 'node' or 'float'. If you have 'node' at the beginning of any of the lines, you have a node locked key. If you have 'float' at the beginning of any of the lines, you have a floating key. If you have a floating key, you must run the slimd8 license manager.  If you have a node locked key, you do not run the slimd8 license manager.

Floating key needs slim 
If you have a floating key, then the line beginning with 'slimd' will indicate which computer (3rd value) needs to be running the slimd8 license manager and on which TCP port (2nd value) it will be listening 
for network connections. Make sure that your slim8.key file is located on the license server in the license/ or license8/ subdirectory for slim or slim8 respectively. Then, check that slimd8 is running on that computer. You can check it's status with the slimd_status or slimd8_status command. 

Node locked key does not need slim 
If you have a node locked key, then a license manager (slimd) is not used. 

Error Message in Console? 
Check the text window where EnSight was started for any relevant messages. If you see something like 'slim_key_decode: bad key file', then the slim7.key (slim8.key) file may be corrupted. Be sure you haven't modified any of the lines in the file including adding or removing spaces and/or blank lines. 

Node locked License: Wrong Key? 
If you get a message indicating that this host cannot obtain a key and you are using a node locked key, then the key is not for this computer. Compare the hostid (3rd value) on the 'node' line to that  indicated by the command slim_get_info (slim8_get_info). 

Floating license: Wrong key or Bad Connection? 
If you have a floating key, then either the client computer is not on a valid subnet as indicated by the address on the 'float' lines in slim8.key or the client cannot connect to the slimd license manager. 

To check your network connection to slimd, try telneting to the slimd8 computer at the port number indicated in the key file (e.g. 'telnet 7790'). You won't get a response, but you should get a connection, If you don't then either slimd8 is not running or something is preventing the connection such as a firewall or in invalid address lookup for the hostname. 

To check for an invalid address, (assuming slimd8 is running) check the log file in $CEI_HOME/license8/ (or license) on the computer where slimd8 is running. If the IP address is not in the key, you will see the following lines: 

Jan 10 09:51:19 2005 Request from client IP address <777.1.185.248> rejected by keyfile. 

On closer inspection of the key you might find that is not for the machine you are trying to run slimd8 on. For example you might find the slim8.key has the following line which does not match ( does not match the 'float' line in the keyfile (177.1.184.*). 


Simply run slim8_get_info for EnSight8 or newer on all platforms including the license server, send us the output and we'll make you a new key. 

Did you restart? 
If you get a new key, restart the license daemon on the server. 

Upgrade to the latest slim license server from our website. If you upgrade to a new major version such as from 7.6.6 to 8.0.x then you'll need to install the new version of slimd (slim8), stop the old slim7 version, and startup the new slim8 version. You cannot run both slim7 and slim8 license manager simultaneously. If you want to be able to run both 7.6 and 8.0 simultaneously, you'll need to upgrade your 7.6.X to a special verison of EnSight (7.6.8) which uses the slim8 license manager. 

Finally, check the README.TXT file in $CEI_HOME/license8/ for additional information. 

Still having problems? 
If you are still having problems, please do the following exactly 
and send all the output to

1. slim8_get_info 

2. cat $CEI_HOME/license8/slim8.key 

3. slimd8_stop 

4. 'ps -aux | grep slimd' or 'ps -ef | grep slimd' if that is appropriate for the operating system 

5. if slimd8 is still running, do a 'kill -9' on the process id. 

6. slimd8_start 

7. wait 60 seconds 

8. tail -20 $CEI_HOME/license8/slimd8-log-*.txt 

9. slimd8_status -v

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