EnSight License Timeout Feature

If EnSight is started with the command line option '-slimtimeout,' then idle EnSight users will lose their token after the timeout value specified by slimd8 (default 1,200 seconds). If an animation is playing (flipbook/keyframe/F4 key), then this is NOT considered idle; nor is actively playing back a command file. 

After the timeout period, the token will be released for another user. Should the former user try to do something with EnSight, it will try to reacquire the token. If it cannot, the user will then get a 10-minute warning before EnSight terminates. 

The slimd8 1,200 second idle default can be modified when starting slimd8 by specifying the '-b n' argument where 'n' is the number of seconds. The number must be between 60 and 1,800. This change should be made in the shell script $CEI_HOME/bin/slimd_start. Note that changes to this script must be repeated whenever SLiM updates are made by downloading from the downloads page.

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