Network ports used by EnSight and SLiM

What network ports are used by EnSight and slimd? 

Client/Server Mode 
The EnSight client connects to the slimd license manager via TCP port 
7790 typically. This actual port used is defined in 
$CEI_HOME/license8/slim8.key and appears on the 'slimd' line as the 
number after 'slimd'. 

The client listens for connections from the EnSight server on TCP port 
1106. It also communicates with the collaborative hub on TCP port 
1107. If the client is listening for external commands, it will use 
TCP port 1104. 

If port 1106 is jammed with another process, EnSight will give you 
an error "Address already in use", and there are two possible 

1: use another port with "-ports ####" for both client and server 
2: kill (or have root kill) the process that has the port locked. 
How to find the process? 

/sbin/fuser 1106/tcp 

the result comes back.... 

1106/tcp: 314159o 

in this case you(or root, if necessary) would kill it... 

kill -9 314159 

Server of Server Mode 
When running in Server of Server mode (SOS), the 
SOS will use port 1110 by default. If the ENSIGHT8_MAX_SOSTHREADS 
environmental variable is set, it can use ports 1110 through 1117 to 
make network connections in parallel.

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