Modifying slim license key files

What can a user change in the slim7.key file, or the slim8.key file? 

EnSight version 8 and EnSight version 7.6.8 use the 
slim8.key which is in the $CEI_HOME/license8 directory. 
EnSight versions at or prior to 7.6.6 use the slim7.key file 
which is in the $CEI_HOME/license directory. 

The following pertains to either the slim8.key or the slim7.key. 

Only the slimd server name on the 'slimd' line in the key can be 
modified by the customer. Any other changes will invalidate the key. 

You may wish to change the slimd server name in a client's local copy 
of the file if the name known to client is different from what was 
used to create the key. 

For example, if the key was created for host name 'foo' for the slimd 
server, but the client must use '' to connect to the slimd 
computer, then you should modify slim8.key (or slim7.key) on the client computer and 
change 'foo' to ''. 

Caution: If you do modify the slim8.key (or slim7.key) file on Windows, your application may 
append a '.txt' to the end of the filename. For example, you will 
need to rename the file from slim8.key.txt back to slim8.key.

Windows File Naming
Note that the default is for Windows to hide known extensions.  If your file is misnamed slim8.key.key or slim8.key.txt it will show up by default as if it's name is slim8.key.  To verify that your file doesn't have an additional 'hidden' extension, go to Start>Settings>Control Panels>Folder Options and turn extension hiding off.

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