Info needed for key creation

What info is needed to get a key for CEI products? 

First install EnSight onto your system. 
Then open a command window and cd to where slim8_get_info is found. 
This will be in $CEI_HOME\license8\machines\*\slim8_get_info where the 
* represents your machine architecture. 
Run the command slim8_get_info (or slim8_get_info.exe on MS Windows) 
Then, Copy/paste 

1) the output, 
2) your name, company, address, phone, fax, email, and existing version of 
3) the old slim license key (if you have one) 

into the slim8.key license key request form 

Note: on Windows, you copy/paste the slim8_get_info output in the 
command window as follows. First, you have to 
right click on the title bar and use the Edit menu. Second, you have to choose 
Mark, then you can highlight the region of interest. 
Third, you go back to the Edit menu and choose Copy. Finally, you can paste it into 
our form. 

The slim8.key file will be emailed to you and goes in the the subdirectory 
$CEI_HOME/license8/ for each computer that will run either EnSight or slimd. 
Note that the environment variable CEI_HOME must be 
defined for the licensing software to work. 

Please note that no other output will be used to generate a key file other 
than the exact output from slim8_get_info. So please do not send output from 
other licensing packages, hostids, ethernet information, etc. These cannot 
be used to generate a key.

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