Simple Trouble Shooting for Licensing problems

The licensing system EnSight uses has been studied to be user friendly and simple. Nevertheless, you might encounter problems during the installation process. Here we list some of the common issues that our customers experience.


EnSight is not reading the key I want it to read

Not deleting old keys, moving the new key to a wrong directory or renaming the key can cause problems as EnSight opens a key that is not the one you think. In order to know exactly which key EnSight reads, type from command prompt / shell the following command (assuming you have EnSight 10.0) :

>ensight100 -v 3

This will open EnSight and print in the command prompt / shell some information. In particular, you want to look at the lines starting with: 

Looking for slim8.key in: 

This lines will tell you in which directories EnSight is checking for the presence of the key.

Please double check that the one that is being read is the one you want EnSight to read, and not an old / corrupted key.


EnSight does not read my key, although it is in the right directory

You have followed the step above, and you know EnSight is looking for a key in the directory where your key is. But still, EnSight is not picking up the key.

There can be two things going on here:

1. The name of the key is not correct. EnSight will read only keys with the name: slim8.key.  Please check that this is the name of your key. If you are on a Windows machine, take into account that Windows might be hiding an extension, so that your key appears to you as slim8.key, but it is actually named, for example, slim8.key.txt

2. You don't have the reading permits on the key. In order for EnSight to work correctly, indeed, you need to have at least reading and executable permits on the directory where your key is, and reading permit on the key. Make sure this is your case


EnSight is reading the key I want it to read, but still it is not working

Please note that when you submit the output from slim8_get_info, we use the information both of your machine and your operating system to generate the key. Therefore, if for example you run slim8_get_info on a Windows machine, this key won't work on a Linux partition on the same machine, but you will need a separate key for this.


EnSight reads the correct key, but sometimes it opens in Free mode

The most common reason why this happens is that your license has run out of open seats. If your key allows, for example, 3 seats, and you send the 4th request, then you will be able to open EnSight only in the free mode.


If this list of trouble shooting does not answer your specific problem, please send an email to our support, and we will be happy to help you out.







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