Exporting "Parts" from Star CCM+

Within StarCCM+ export capability, the user has the option to write out not only multiple domains (multiple fluid parts), but also write out multiple "parts". These "parts" are actually user derived parts like clip planes, or isosurfaces. This can be quite helpful to export from StarCCM+ into EnSight. Here is an example of what that looks like:


As of June 4, 2009, the version of StarCCM+ exports "parts" who traverse more than 1 "domain" incorrectly. The resulting exported "parts" are incorrectly formed, and appear like the mesh is incorrect. The files pass ens_checker ok, however are incorrectly formed.
Here is an example of what those erroneous parts look like:


This problem in the export routine was corrected by Chris Morely at CD-adapco, and StarCCM+ version 4.04.006 or above will correctly export these "parts" to EnSight. The problem with the export routine was based in the look-up table for the connectivity was incorrect if the part was within more than one domain.

So, the fix is either to use a later version of StarCCM+ (4.04.006 or later), or to copy that "part" for each region needed with StarCCM+, and export.
Here is what the corrected parts now look like in EnSight:


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