Solution VOF Visualization Tips and Tricks

How to do VOF (Volume Of Fluid) visualizations in EnSight? At a very basic level, you can do an IsoSurface of volume_fraction = 0.5 and see the surface of the VOF. However, this is typically not quite enough, and certainly that is possible in any other post processing package. Here is one method that I use to generate more realistic and useful VOF visualizations.

Users typically want to see the whetted surface, in addition to the confining tank of the volume to get an idea of where the volume is occupying and where the overall tank constraints are. There are some tricks involved with EnSight in order to produce this type of visualization of a VOF solution involving special isovolumes and "Elevated" surfaces. 

I've put together an example dataset which is free to use/display/distribute, along with a screencast tutorial on the steps required and the reasons for doing so. The image below is a simple synopsis of the special steps used in generating this  VOF visualization:

You can find a screencast tutorial on this method here :

Should you have any further questions about VOF visualizations in EnSight, please do not hesitate to contact your local EnSight representative or CEI headquarters itself (

-Kevin Colburn

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