FloEFD - Exporting to EnSight Format

In September 2011 Mentor Graphics released the capability to export to EnSight format. There is a fee for this capability, known as efd2ensight, and you have to obtain it and license it from Mentor graphics. The instructions below assume you have taken those steps and want to know how to use the capability you have licensed.

For detailed information on the export process, please view the following webpage:

For a quick summary, here are the basic steps:
To export results to EnSight:
1. Click Flow Analysis > Tools > Export Results to EnSight. FloEFD will traverse over all model surfaces and make the whole model geometry available for EnSight.
2. Under Export to specify the full path to export results:
     In the Folder Name box, type the path to the destination directory or click Browse and select the desired directory. By default, this directory is the <project directory>/EnSight_Results.
     In the Dataset Name box, type the name for the set of the result files. By default, this name is the project name.
3. Under Parameters select parameters to export. To change the list of parameters available for selection, click More Parameters.
4. For a (transient) analysis results, the additional group Time History appears. Under Time History you can select time moments for which you want to export the parameters values. The available time moments are specified under the Time-dependent option in the dialog box of the Wizard or in the dialog box during the definition of the time-dependent task.

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