Fluent Transient Export to EnSight

To export Transient Fluent simulations to EnSight Case Gold, there are two basic methods:

a. During the setup of the transient (prior to solving it), users can specify in the Fluent GUI to export the transient results during the solver stage to EnSight Case Gold. In this situation, as the solver progresses through the time domain, the EnSight files are written periodically from the solver. 
To do this, from within the Fluent GUI, select File --> Export --> During Calculation -- > Solution Data.
You can specify the frequency and variables to be exported and output filename.

b. If the user has already run the solver for the transient solution, but would like to still export the data to EnSight Case Gold format, that is possible too.

For Fluent 6.x users, Fluent wrote this SCHEME file (tee.scm .. short for transient ensight export). This macro takes the transient results, and writes the correct files for EnSight. Basically, what the macro does is load each of the .cas and .dat files and writes out or appends the correct file (.geo, .variable) file with the values for that timestep, and then creates a correct .encas file. Please see Scheme file provided here From within Fluent, simply run the supplied scheme file.

For Fluent 12.x or above, who have already run a transient simulation, and would like to export their transient results to EnSight Case Gold Format, you can simply type into the TUI window of Fluent the follow command:
Then, simply follow the options for base name, output file, variables, etc.
Once particular example would be:
 file/transient-export/ensight-gold-from-existing-files <name of file for
exporting> yes <name of base case file> , no no yes 1 yes no , air co2
pressure <variables>  q

Warning: if your filenames or paths contain a space " ", then the .encase file needs to have quotes around the filenames to accurately capture the full filename.  You can edit the .encas file and put quotes around the filenames after the export.
-Kevin Colburn
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