Export TRANSIENT Solution from StarCD 3.x or 4.x to EnSight

In regards to exporting TRANSIENT data from StarCD 3.x or 4.x to EnSight:


1. You can use the 'single button export' from the NavCenter export function. This will do the following : export ALL parts, ALL variables, and ALL timesteps. This can be a good first step. However, some people may want to control one of these three exports fields, thus requiring to use prostar command language.


2. To control one of the three fields (parts, variables, or timesteps) for transient export, the following description/method/caveats should be used:

a. To export particular timesteps, use the "definition loop" control inside Prostar to loop over the particular timesteps that you would like to export.

b. to control parts on a model which does not change connectivity, or cell layer deletion/addition, then use the setfile operation in a similar manner to steady state export (see steady state export). For transient models with changing connectivity/cell layer deletion, it is not advised to use the setfile option, as the connectivity and cell id active do change, rendering the setfile useless. However, if you were to embeded the creation of the setfile within the defintion loop for export, then you can in theory use "updating" setfiles for export.

c. To control variable exports, use the same definition loop control as for the timesteps to export.



Here is an example macro for exporting transient moving grid results while controlling the variables which are being exported. You will note that he is not using the set file option (ensight.set), as this only works if you export all of the data for all of the timesteps. This can get tricky, as the setfile does not know anything about time, and during certain timesteps, cells may be deleted, and the setfile is meaningless.



! loading

resu, tut.mdl

evfile, conn, tut.evn

trload, tut.pstt, MVGR, $c

direct write


! the following is for later version of 3.26, see note (1).

ensi, breg, off

ensi root



*SET IT 5 5




! export geom and post data stored in post registers. see note (2)



! export additional post data stored in post registers.



*LOOP 0 50


ensi done




(1) The later version of pro-STAR 3.26 added the capability to export boundary region as EnSight 'parts', which is 'on' by default. If you use the setfile option, then this capability will be turned off. Please note that this capability works fine for steady state as well as transient - but only with 'ENSI,ALL' (i.e. all post data for all time steps).


(2) Moving grid adds a lot of complications to the transient case as portions of the grid may disappear/reappear during the process. In general, it's good idea to export mesh data for each time step. 'ENSI,BOTH' here exports both mesh and loaded post data, 'ENSI,POST' is used to export additional post data.


The design of EnSight export in pro-STAR was based on the philosophy to export 'all'.


Transient export is particularly complex. 'ENSI,GEOM/BOTH/POST' were designed to export specified data for the current time step. That's why we need the 'looping' to cover a range of time steps.

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