DICOM/MRI - Getting MRI or DICOM data into EnSight

Typically, MRI data is saved in machine specific DICOM format. The GE scanners write their own flavor of DICOM, as do Siemens, and others. Unfortunately, all of these different formats means having a reader for all of these is not that easy.

Many users of EnSight with DICOM data from MRI use filtering algorithms run through Matlab.

We have an external reader for "Analyze/NIfTI" format data which is commonly used for Neuroimaging MRI and PET. There are a LOT of converters out there to convert from DICOM to Analyze (standalone, matlab based, IDL based, etc):

There are pluggins for ImageJ which convert to NIfTI format :

So, users may need to use the NIfTI/Analyze format as the intermediate format between the raw output from the MRI scan and the data inside EnSight.

Last Updated: 01/29/2015

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