Problems reading EnSight Case formatted data

Why can't EnSight read my Case formatted data? 

Case formatted files must be formatted exactly as 
indicated by Chapter 9 the EnSight User's Manual. This includes proper field 
widths, number format, spaces, lines, etc. The file format was 
designed to be simple, easy to parse, and fast to read. It is not 
forgiving on formatting problems. 

Chapter 9 of the User Manual includes a number of example datasets. Several 
are available in the data/ and other_data/ subdirectories where EnSight is 
installed. You can also create your own from within EnSight. After loading a 
model and activating its variables, write them out as ASCII Case Gold 
format using EnSight. After selecting the desired parts to write out, select 
the menu option File->Save->Geometric Entities. Turn the binary 
toggle off and provide a filename. 
This will provide ASCII files that you can look at while using the 
Query/Probe feature in EnSight to compare nodal, element ids, as well as 
variable values and their respective locations in the data format. 

Finally, to aid in debugging formatting problems, use the utility ens_checker 
which is provided as a part of the EnSight install. 
It will read you Case formatted files and point out any errors. To run this utility: open a command promtp / shell, cd into the directory where you have the dataset, and they type:




This will run a check on the syntax of the dataset (Note: ens_checker is followed by EnSight's version number, in this case 10.2 becomes 102). 

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