Reading STAR-CD versions into EnSight

Export Options, Controls for the three flavors of STAR-CD versions out there.

STAR-CD Version 3.x
Native file formats: .mdl (model), .pst (results), .pstt (transient results), .geom (solver ready geometry), .trk (droplet track file), and more.
Option : Prostar exports to EnSight Case Gold Format.
Notes: Users can use 'automatic' export found with the NavCenter to export all parts and all primary variables.
Users can use Prostar command line to export separate parts, and/or any variable or combination of calculated variables.
Both Steady State and Transient Models can be exported in a similar manner, with options of "automatic", or user controlled.

STAR-CD Version 4.x
Native File formats : .mdl (model), .ccmp (results), .ccmt (transient results), .ccmg (solver ready geometry), .trk (droplet track file), and more.
Option 1: Prostar v4.x exports to EnSight Case Gold. All of the same options as STAR-CD version 3.x above.
Option 2: EnSight's VKI reader can read in .ccmg/.ccmp/.ccmt files directly.

caveats: the .ccmt file contains variable information only. Therefore, the VKI reader only handles changing variable transients correctly. If the model is changing coordinates or changing connectivity, user should use option #1 (Export to EnSight Case Gold).

Notes: For both version 3.x and 4.x, the droplet track file (.trk) can be translated to EnSight Measured Data. STARCD used to call their track file (.trk), a file 33", since they previously used old Fortran File numbers to save data, and the track file used to go to <filename>.33. The translator for the droplet track file is : file33_to_ensightparticle.c routine in the $CEI_HOME/ensight91/translators/starcd_file33. If you are using EnSight Case Gold format, then this translator has an option to automatically edit the .case file to include the measured data. If you are using the .ccmg/.ccmp/.ccmt reader, then you will have to specify the measured data in the reader options tab.

Native File formats: .sim (model, results, residuals, everything).
Option : STAR-CCM+ exports to EnSight Case Gold File. Users can specify which parts, and which variables (both primary and derived) to export to EnSight Case Gold.

There is _NO_ VKI reader for this file format. Do not mix up the .ccm from STAR-CD version 4.x with STAR-CCM+.
STAR-CCM+ can export its results to a .ccm file. This .ccm file is a concatenation of the .ccmg and .ccmp files. The VKI reader can read the .ccm file extension. However, there should be no reason for users to Export from STAR-CCM+ to .ccm, when they have at the same window, an option to export to EnSight Case Gold format.

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