Combining mirroring and rotation

How to use EnSight to first mirror a part and then rotate it?

There are two types of mirroring/rotations in EnSight, and each one only allows one operation (either mirroring or rotation). When you couple them together you can get what you want. 

The first type is deep transformation. It occurs on the EnSight server and actually creates a new, 'deep' part as if you've loaded new part(s). It is rarely used because it is usually acceptable to not go 'deep' and only do visual transformation. 

This is the second kind of transformation. It is visual only. It is a 'shallow' client-only, visual transformation with no new parts created.

So, let's do a deep mirror, to create some new parts that are mirrored, then select all the mirrored part(s) and the original part(s), and do a 'shallow' visual only rotation. 

1. Click on Frame mode. If you don't have it visible, right-click on the Toolbar at the top and toggle on "Frames". This will make the frame tab appear in the low-left corner

2. Enter the Frame edit window, and under "Computational symmetry" set a mirror symmetry. Then select "Apply computational symmetry changes". This will create parts that are copies of your model parts, with the symmetry applied.

3. Select your parts (both the original and the newly created one) in the part list and click on the mirroring/ rotational icon in the toolbar. Mirror the parts with "instances = 1" and the "show original instance" toggled off.

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