Using ssh instead of rsh for auto connections

How can I have the client use ssh instead of rsh to launch the server? 

The EnSight client has a '-rsh <cmd>' command line option which can be used to 
specify the name of the external command to use in place of the 'rsh' 

By default EnSight client uses the 'rsh' system command to launch the 
EnSight server when using automatic connections AND the server is specified 
to run on different computer from which the client is using. If the server is 
not invoked automatically by the client, then 'rsh' is not used. Also, if the 
server is running on the same computer as the client, then 'rsh' is not used. 

As facilities become more concerned with network security, 'rsh' is typically 
replaced with either 'ssh' or 'k5rsh'; both of which are secure and support 
encryption. You can use either of these with ensight7 or ensight8 by simply 
specifying the EnSight command line option: '-rsh ssh' or '-rsh k5rsh'. 

Commands other than 'rsh', 'ssh', or 'k5rsh', may be specified if they follow 
exact 'rsh' command line syntax: 

rsh [-l username] remote_hostname remote_command_and_arguments 

While not supported, it may be possible to write a "bridge" command that 
accepts exact 'rsh' command syntax and then invokes an alternative command. 
If this is attempted, note that it must accept command line arguments as 
shown above: an optional '-l username', a remote_hostname, and a 
remote_command name with an arbitrary number of command line arguments. 

While not an endoresment for these products, customers may wish to evaluate's ssh client for Windows, SecureCRT from, or

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