How to write EnSight Case Gold Format

How do I write out an EnSight Case Gold format file? 

For a detailed description of our format, look at chapter 9 of the EnSight 10 User 

EnSight also includes an API for writing out the EnSight Case Gold format.
Look in the following directory:


Notice that this directory includes C source code and a Makefile, as well as 
a documentation file called ENOUTG_DOC.txt .

Finally, a very good format tester application, ens_checker is included in your 
EnSight installation (ens_checker101). 
This is a powerful, free, unlicensed product that clearly points out 
file formatting problems with a detailed description of errors.  To run
this program, simply cd to the directory where your case gold file is
located and run the following:

After the reading the description in the User Manual, implementing the example 
API, and using ens_checker to test the EnSight Case Gold format 
if you have any questions please go to this portal for help.
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