Star-CD to EnSight Script Documentation

STAR-CD does have EnSight export command but with default arguments, it only writes one “SHELL” and one “CELL” zone merging all the data together, making it very difficult for a user to do post-processing on a very complex model. This particular script only passes on multiple arguments to that export command so that all zones come separately for EnSight. 

1. This script has been tested only on Linux platform and for STAR-CD 3.1.15 to STAR-CD 3.2.16. 

2. Copy the supplied script files in the local directory, 

3. Make sure that “” has execution permission, 

4. Launch STAR-CD session, reading the model file, 

5. In the star model file, you may or may not have the Shell names, such as follows: (see starcd_ensight.gif) 

Here, some shell IDs like 5, 6 and 7 are un-named while some others have the name (like “baffle_1” for ID 8, “baffle_2” for ID 9 etc. The “star_to_ensight” script takes care of all such type of zones. 

6. In the STAR-CD command menu, issue the command “ifile star_to_ensight.mac”. This will take a while and then write several EnSight files for you starting with EnSight* prefix, with the master “” file 

7. Quit from STAR-CD without saving the model. 

8. Launch EnSight, and read the “” as ensight case there. You would see the boundary zones as: (See starcd_ensight2.gif) 

As you can see, all zones have names such as <type>_<ID>_<name>. Those zones which did not have name just came as <type>_<ID>. 

Download the attached script file: star_to_ensight.tar.gz 

Information courtesy of Mindware Engineering

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