STAR-CD CCM Restart: multiple files

Sometimes STAR-CD solver runs stop the calculation and then are restarted.

In this case, multiple ccmt files are generated. (Transient data is split.)

How can the EnSight read in these multiple ccmt files?

There are three potential options available to them today:
a. You can read in the additional .ccmt files into EnSight as separate cases using the STAR-CD reader. This will use potentially use more memory than necessarily, as each new Case will have its own geometry. Not the most efficient use of memory, but would not require any real work to get the additional temporal results into EnSight.  You will need to set each of the cases to undefined outside of their defined steps.  This is accomplished by clicking on the clock icon at the top of the icon list and then clicking on the advanced tab and then clicking on the timeset details and setting the Left of Step definition and Right of Step definition to undefined.  Click on the help button and see the Advanced section of the How To manual.

b. If Prostar can read in the multiple .ccmt files, you can export out a single EnSight Case Gold format files from Prostar and then easily view the results in EnSight.

c. If Prostar can't read in the multiple .ccmt files, the you can export each .ccmt file to a separate EnSight Case Gold set of files, and then simply modify one of the ".case" files to point to the full set of results. 

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