Can't connect to server on a remote computer

EnSight can run in a client-server configuration, with either both client and server on the same machine, or on separated machines. The most common configuration is having the client running on your local machine, while the server is on a remote more powerful machine. If you are having problems setting us this configuration but no issues in running EnSight locally, please check the following:

1. Be sure that EnSight is installed on the remote computer. 

2. You need to have the environment variable CEI_HOME defined in your login environment and the PATH must include $CEI_HOME/bin/. The EnSight client will execute the remote EnSight server script ($CEI_HOME/bin/ensight10x.server) via rsh. You should be able to execute the command 'rsh server_host env' where server_host is the name of the remote computer. Check the output for the appropriately settings for CEI_HOME and PATH. Note that later versions of EnSight use ssh.

3. Check the Connection dialog (from the 'File->Connect Server...' menu) for appropriate values. By default EnSight will use rsh to start the remote server. You can use something other than rsh that exactly mimics rsh syntax (e.g. ssh) by pecifying the command line option '-rsh command_name' where command_name is the alternative to rsh. Be sure you can access the remote system by doing executing the command 'rsh server_host ensight8.server' where server_host is the name of the remote computer. Note later versions of EnSight use ssh.

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