RSH/SSH solutions for Windows

When using EnSight in client server modes distributed between multiple systems running Windows, it is necessary for the remote systems to support some form of remote shell. By default, Windows includes an RSH client, but no server and does not include an SSH client. or server. These must be installed before solutions such as remote client server and SOS can work between Windows systems. There are a number of commercial SSH implementations available and a few freeware solutions. Some common freeware solutions include: 

Cygwin ( 
This set of tools includes both an SSH server and client. It can be a little overwhelming to install, but once installed and configured for passwordless logins between the systems, it does work well with EnSight. 

Note: a pre-packaged cygwin sshd that does not include all of the cygwin tools can be found at

This package provides the server side for the RSH protocol for Windows. The basic setup for this tool is to: 

1) enable 'rsh requests' 
2) add your username/password as a user 
3) create a .rhosts file that includes the systems you want to access from 
4) start the service 

One note: EnSight will RSH/SSH to the remote system. Depending on the system, it will see a Windows command shell or a "unix" bash/tcsh/etc shell (the latter case happens with the complete cygwin install). Full support for the Windows command shell and Windows cygwin shells was updated in 8.0.7n. Versions of EnSight prior to these may require custom RSH/SSH scripts.

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