Fluent rotating reference data export to EnSight format

EnSight's data format assumes a single frame of reference for all of its data. Fluent allows multiple reference frames. 

Prior to version 6.3 of Fluent, some users had problems exporting into EnSight format, 'cell based' (per element) data solved in Fluent using relative reference frames. Data that is NOT 'cell based' (such as per node data) exports successfully if the reference zone (which can be set inside the reference values menu inside Fluent) is set to the static fluid zone, instead of a rotating/moving one. However for data that is cell-based (per element), Fluent incorrectly ignores this option and exports the data relative to the local frame of reference, which EnSight does not understand. 

Fluent 6.3 fixes these export problems by always exporting all data in a single, fixed coordinate system.

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