Combine 2 Cases (time values need to be offset)

In some situations users have multiple datasets due to restarts of their CFD run
and the solution times for these datasets end up starting at t=0.0 when they should have been sequential starting with case 1 at t=0.0 going until t1, and case 2 starting at t1 and going to t2 and so on.  Another issue is that you now have multiple copies of the same parts because each case has its own set of the parts.  This causes problems in viewing the data and especially animating the data because case 1 parts should be shown up until t1 and then become invisible and case 2 parts would become visible.

If you combine the right set of settings in various places of EnSight you can accomplish adjusting the time values and have a smooth transition between the cases with parts only visible when they are supposed to be. The only way this would work though is if you are going to color all of the parts by some variable. 

1) Load in case 1 as you would normally. 
2) Load in case 2 but in the Advanced tab of the File->Open dialog select the "Time options" 
    tab and shift the time. All I had to do for the test case I created was to enter a value in 
    the text field after the "+" sign. Doing this bumped my case 2 time values up by this amount. 
3) Go to the solution time feature(Clock icon), select the Advanced tab and then the
    "Timeset details" button. Select the timesets that are defined for your variables for both cases 
    a) change the case one timeset "Right of step defn." to Undefined 
    b) change the case two timeset "Left of step defn." to Undefined 
        close the dialog 
4) Select all of the parts and color them by the variable of interest 
    while in the color dialog select the "Edit palette..." button. 
5) In the "Feature Detail Editor(Variables)" dialog that pops up select the variable of interest 
    in the list at the top. Then select the Advanced tab. 
    Now, change the "Display undefined" option menu to "By invisible" 
    close the detail editor and color editor dialogs 

Now when you play through the animation with the solution time dialog you should see only one set of parts and the visibility of the parts in each case will switch then the variable of interest becomes undefined(ie. you change time less than or greater than the break point of the time sets.)

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