CFX - Loading CFX data with multiple .res files

During the course of a CFX solution, sometimes the solver stops and restarts, leaving a series of .res files and data directories, with the result of the previous solution as the initialization for the next one.
Starting from CFX-12.0, the utility cfx5dfile, which is part of the standard CFX installation, has been extended  to include an option to concatenate transient info in the final results file from a sequence of results files.
Hence if a user has a sequence of three sets of transient results e.g.
he/she would run:
cfx5dfile -cat-trninfo StaticMixer_003.res
After running cfx5dfile, the user can delete the intermediate results files.
To make use of this modification to the results file, the transient files that are referenced by the modified results file must be copied into the modified results file's transient directory (as was always the case).
For further questions about this utility and its use, please refer to Ansys support. 
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