CAD Reader Issues

CAD reading is a discontinued feature of EnSight. However, STL and Wavefront OBJ files can still be read by EnSight and do not require any special CAD license to read, and they work on MAC, Linux, and Windows OS platforms.

Having trouble using the CAD reader in EnSight to read your ProEngineer(WildFire), IGES, STEP, CATIA, or ACIS based files? Here are couple of things to check first

1. Your license file contains entry items for the CAD reader. The proprietary CAD format reader does require a specific CAD reader license within the slim8.key file.

2. Your license must reside in the $CEI_HOME/license8 directory. Although EnSight can run with the slim8.key file located in other areas (like your local .ensight100/ directory), the CAD reader only looks in the $CEI_HOME/license8 directory for the license file. Please ensure that license file containing the CAD reader options exists in this directory.

3. The CAD readers are only support on Windows OS platforms. No support for Linux or MAC.

4. In a cmd.exe window do:
ConvertSTL100.bat -i input_file_name -o output_file_name.stl [-f sat]
where the output name has to have the .stl suffix;
where '-f sat' can be: '-f proe', '-f iges', or '-f step' for their key; this forces the CAD format overriding the input filename suffix.

CEI Support needs the *entire* output from the above to determine if it's an operator and/or installation error.
If it's a translation error, then we'll need an example data set that fails along with details of the version/platform of the software used to produce it.

Please do not hesitate to contact CEI Support should you experience problems or issues when attempting to read your CAD data.

STL and Wavefront OBJ files do not require any special CAD license to read, and operates on MAC, Linux, and Windows OS.

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