EnSight Standard for Converge

EnSight Standard for Converge is a particular configuration of EnSight Standard that requires a slim8.key license file that contains one or more "csi_standard" tokens. Starting with EnSight 10.0.3(i) EnSight automatically checks for the presence of this token token type.  Prior to version 10.0.3(i) you must specify the above command if you wish to use the "csi_standard" token type. Therefore, even if you have the proper key, you will need to type in the shell / command prompt the following command:

>ensight100 -token csi_standard

Alternatively, you can specify an EnSight preference to indicate that you always wish to use the "csi_standard" token type, assuming your slim8.key contains such tokens.  This approach is also useful if you start EnSight using a desktop icon or through Windows Start menu.  To specify the "csi_standard" token type via a command file, download the file in attachment (ensight_cmdline_prefs.def) and move it in the following directory (according to your platform):

  • ~/.ensight100/                                                 #  if you work on a Linux machine
  • ~/Library/Application Support/EnSight100      # if you work on a Mac machine 
  •  %HOME%\.ensight100\                                 # if you work on a Window machine, where %HOME% is your home path (you can find it by typing set from command prompt)

Now, EnSight should automatically start in the Standard for Converge configuration every time you open it.

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