Converting Time (s) into Crank Angle (deg) for Plots

When using a model with "Analysis_Time" == Time (seconds), it is still possible to adjust the X-Axis of the graph to be vs. Crank Angle. This situation most commonly occurs when you Query a variable vs. Time. The resulting plotter (graph) is queried against Analysis_Time, which is most commonly represented as time in seconds. However, it quite advantageous to have the x-axis represented in Crank Angle, rather than time (seconds). This is actually quite easy to adjust in EnSight.


  1. Query the variable vs. Time as normal.
  2. Edit the Query, and select the "Query Display" tab towards the bottom of the Query/Plotter Feature Editor.
  3. Adjust the X-scale to be 6 * RPM.
  4. Adjust the X-offset to be the initial Crank Angle.

The values along the X-axis have now been adjusted by : (Time * 6 * RPM) + Initial_Crank_Angle. The result is that the X-axis units will be in Crank Angle Degrees.


As an optional step, you may want to also adjust the label for the X-axis in the plotter as well. This is also quite straight forward to do:

  1. Edit the Plotter's Attributes (Right click on Plotter -- > Edit)
  2. In the "Axis specific" tab, adjust the attributes of the X axis
  3. In the "Title" section, replace the "Time (s)" with "Crank Angle <sy>176"

The "<sy>176" denotes to EnSight to use Symbol #176, which corresponds to a degree sign.

The resulting plotter will now have the units of Crank Angle on the X-axis, as well as the label denoting the correct unit:

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