EnSight 10.1.6(a) is now available for download

Version 10.1.6(a) is now available for download at this link

The focus of this release is fixing bugs of which there were 72 fixed. However there were also a dozen enhancements made, they are described below.


Viewports - now even when you have multiple viewports you can choose to output to an image the contents of only a single viewport. For example if you had a scene with the full model in 3D and a zoomed in area in 2D and a plot of some variable all in separate viewports, you could save as an image just the plot, or just the 2D zoomed in area, or just the full 3D model.

Pathlines have two enhancements. Pathlines are now threaded so they can be computed faster on computers with multiple processors. And pathlines can now be limited to a volume defined by environment variables. This can be useful for example if your model is a car in a wind tunnel and you are only interested in pathlines near to the car and not all the way to the walls and inlet and outlet of the wind tunnel.

Massed Particles - the velocity variable of the particle is now the actual velocity of the particle and not just the velocity of the fluid domain that the particle is in.

Flatfile exporter - The number of digits used by the exporter has been increased.

Timestep - The timestep is now available as a constant variable. "Constant Variable" Definition: A variable which just has a single value through the whole model for a single timestep.  Examples of a constant variable are: timestep, step number, temperature at node 101, max of stress in the model.

The license file can now be pointed to using an environment variable instead of stored locally on the computer. This is helpful to large enterprise customers.

EnSight HPC now supports reverse connections between client and servers.

CGNS XML Reader now has the ability to let the user control whether boundary condition zones are read in or not.

The record of changes made in version 10.1.6(a) are attached in an Excel spreadsheet.

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