Webinar # 1: Getting started with EnSight Desktop for Converge (EDC)

On Sept 16th, CEI conducted a short 30 minute Webinar on the topic of "Getting the most out of EnSight for Converge". In this first webinar, we focused on providing instructions on where to Download, how to Install, and how/where to obtain a license from. We introduced some basic capability of EnSight Desktop for Converge as an example of what you start doing relatively easily. 

If you missed this webinar, or would simply like to view it again, please find below the links to video recording of this webinar. We've broken this webinar into 4 chapters (each ~8 minutes), in an attempt to allow to jump to the specific portion which you need.


Chapter 1: Basics and Downloading

Chapter 2: Licensing Questions:

Chapter 3: Introduction to Basic Features of EnSight (Clips, IsoSurfaces):

Chapter 4: Further Basic Feature Introduction (Calculator, Pathlines, Queries, Spray):

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