Tutorial 1 : Getting Started with EnSight for Barracuda (ESB)

How to get started with EnSight for Barracuda? In this first short tutorial, we illustrate how to open up the dataset in EnSight using the Barracuda reader for GMV files and navigate through your dataset.

We cover the basics of working with the timeline control in EnSight along with the part list structure in EnSight. Unlike GMV, EnSight handles the complete time series as a single coherent dataset, rather that separate items. Knowing this, and utilizing this allows you work within the time domain within EnSight, and take advantage of things like temporal operations, animations, and timeset control.

We also introduce you to the organization of the layout of EnSight's GUI with the Part and Variable object lists along the left side of EnSight. We show you how to simply manipulate the view of your model, and inspect the variable output from the simulation.

EnSight also has a very powerful ability to display the particles as spheres, _and_ maintain very fast refresh rates while doing so. You can size the particles by any particle related variable, as well as color them by any color as well. Our sphere rendering capability is very fast, maintaining a dynamic and free-flowing nature to your investigation of your results.

Finally, we illustrate the basics of saving out animations from within EnSight. 

Within the space of 5 minutes, this video takes you through the basics of getting started with EnSight for Barracuda.

To view the tutorial, please follow the link below.

Tutorial 1: Getting Started with EnSight for Barracuda

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