EnSight Desktop for Converge -- ICE Tutorial 1

On October 28 2015, we conducted a short webinar regarding Extending the Capability within EnSight Desktop for Converge. This webinar highlighted only a few of the contents of this tutorial below. This tutorial is meant to be a self-guided tour around various common tasks in EnSight for ICE model analysis and visualization. With this tutorial, you should be able to get further into your ICE results, as well as begin to extract out the key pieces of information needed from the solution. 

Written Tutorial

To view the Tutorial Documentation, you can download the Tutorial PDF contained below. It has step-by-step instructions to complete the various tasks.

Tutorial PDF


Screencast Video Tutorial

The tutorial is broken up into eight (8) different segments or chapters for you to follow along and complete. To accompany the 8 different chapters, there are 8 different screencast tutorials which provide both an audio and visual walk through the steps, processes, and methods used to obtain this analysis. Below, please find the link to each of the 8 video screencast tutorials for each of the segments/chapters:

1. EDC Tutorial Chapter 1: Loading and Visualizing the Mesh

2. EDC Tutorial Chapter 2: Creating Clips, Colorby, and Saving Animations

3. EDC Tutorial Chapter 3 : Quantification of Equivalence Ratio

4. EDC Tutorial Chapter 4 : Particle Rendering and Coloring

5. EDC Tutorial Chapter 5 : Creating Pathlines

6. EDC Tutorial Chapter 6: Calculating Flow Rates

7. EDC Tutorial Chapter 7: Creating Flipbooks and EnLiten Scenario Files

8. EDC Tutorial Chapter 8: Saving your Work



There are two datasets used in these tutorials are available for download.

1. The "diesel_closed" dataset can be opened in EDC, and can be downloaded here:

Diesel_Closed Example Dataset

2. The "PFI-8" dataset. An form of the PFI-8 dataset which can be opened with EDC can be downloaded here:


This is a 2.2 Gb download, and is ~6 Gb unzipped. If this is too large of a download, please contact us, and we can provide you with a truncated dataset.


Webinar Recording

A recording of the webinar has been made, and can be viewed from the link below. The HTML page which plays the webinar has chapter markers overlaid on the left side of video. Feel free to use this to skip forward/back to a specific location in the recording.

Webinar Recording

A PDF format of the presentation material from the webinar can be downloaded using the following link : PDF Format of Webinar Presentation

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