EnSight 10.1.6(b) is Now Available for Download

Version 10.1.6(b) is now available for download at this link

The focus of this release is fixing bugs of which there were 60 bugs fixed. However there were also 3 enhancements made, they are described below.

This version is also the first announced and recommended version of EnSight to use with the Canon MREAL (mixed-reality) system also known as Canon MR.  EnSight MR, an option to add native MR support inside EnSight is now available via this release of EnSight. 

This version also supports Mac OS X version 10.11 (El Capitan).


Reverse Line Tool - a new right-click option reverses the line tool. Essentially switches point 1 and point 2. 

Randomly recolor parts - a new right-click option which takes the parts selected by the part list or all the parts (your choice) and assigns them new colors from a very large palette of colors. This way models with large number of parts it becomes easier to tell them all apart. Or if part colors are colliding you can easily fix it. 

Apply context file changes part names - when applying a context file some customers want the part names to be unchanged, to remain exactly as the data source provided them, other customers want the part names updated. So now both options are supported. 


Readers Affected

ABAQUS ODB - was losing the last frame.

Autodyn - was not loading some data.

CGNS - was not reading some data.

CGNS-XML - was crashing EnSight on some data.

Star-CD - reading some data with changing connectivity as static instead.


Release Notes Excel File Below.

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