How to load SC/Tetra data into EnSight: 

Software Cradle has added an export to EnSight Case Gold format. The interface function between EnSight and SC/Tetra will be supplied as a part of the standard SC/Tetra in V6. The interface was released in Japan after September 2004. 

Export to EnSight format and use File menu, Data Reader, EnSight Case Gold format to read the data. 

For more information on SC/Tetra in the USA contact Upwind Technologies, 

Why SC/Tetra users prefer EnSight: 

visualize data on Mac, Windows, Linux or Unix systems 
easy-to-learn user interface and logical operation 
client-server operation for high performance 
high performance for large models 
market-leading visualization feature set 
full transient support 
extensive animation capabilities 
direct movie file output to MPEG, MPEG2, AVI 
stereoscopic (3D) viewing and output 
save results in EnLiten .els format and share in 3D

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