Part Constant Query

Being able to effectively communicate the results from a complex 3D flowfield is a very important aspect in simulation results analysis. A very common request is to take a complex 3D variable variation, and extract out a graph of how the min, max, average, or some integral value varies with respect to some location or change to some part. For example, how does the temperature on some plane vary as function of plane location?

In the image below, we are interested to know how the min, average, and max spoecies varies along the radius. Inspecting the 2D plane does not give a quick or quantifiable assessment of that. Part Constant Query capability in EnSight allows you to analyze this.


There are several resources for learning how to utilize this capability in EnSight:

1. An introductory tutorial on using the Part Constant Query within a circular domain

2. An introductory tutorial using the basic cube model 

3. We also discussed this capability and its applicability in a webinar with one of the developers Bill Dunn. You can view that webinar here.

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