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EnSight is large general purpose post processor from medical data through to typical CFD data through to experimental data. That's great from a general point of view, but what about unique requirements for specific user segments?

Below, we've collected from useful additional "Extras" for the Barracuda user community. We'll be adding to this location as new things arrive, so check back once and a while to see when new items are posted.


1. Color Palettes.

You can create you own custom color palettes to use in EnSight, and even setup your default preferences to suit your needs. Below you will find a Color Palette .zip file which contains some useful color palettes for Barracuda users. Simply download the file below, unzip, and place the contents of the folder into your "palettes" folder in your home directory/.ensight101 directory.

The next time you start EnSight you should find the new palettes in the Palette editor, Files tab. To use the palette, select it and click "Restore" at the bottom.


2. Organize Variables

Updated April 14, 2016

EnSight has the ability to organize the variables in the variable list via a "tree filter" set of rules. These rules are contained in what is called "tree_filter.ini" file. We've created a set of rules which will organize the variables based on three groupings: (a) those found only on particles, (b) those only available on fluid elements, (c) a subset of (b) which are particle-based variables which have been mapped onto the fluid elements.

Download the file below and extract it into your home directory/.ensight101/CEI/. To revert to default grouping, remove or rename this tree_filter.ini. You must restart EnSight for changes to take effect.

This is what your variables list should look like with and without this tree filter.

Default Using this tree_filter.ini


3. Thick Clips

In the continuous phase domain, you can easily take a "clip" through the domain to see a cross-section of the continuous flowfield. What about trying to interrogate the discrete phase in the same way? A standard "clip" will not work, as it is infinitely thin. So, in EnSight, we have a method to create a "thick" clip through the domain by using the Auxiliary Clip method.

a. Place the Plane Tool where you'd like to clip the discrete phase.

b. Turn on the Auxiliary Clipping method along the top menu of EnSight : View -- > Auxiliary Clip.

c. In the File -- > Command window, enter in thickness for this clip via 'test: thick_aux_plane XXX' where 'XXX' is a float value for the thickness.

d. This will effect (and clip) all parts. For any part that you do not what have clipped in this manner, you can select those part(s), and along the top row of icons in EnSight, turn OFF the auxiliary clipping.

There is an alternative method which utilizes the "Box" tool to create a thick clip. The Box method results in a new Part, which can further analyzed. You can find more information about this "Box" clip here


4. BVR Toolset.

We've put together some tools which work inside of EnSight for Barracuda customers. We called this package the BVR Toolset. We've setup a specific separate page for discussing how download and use these tools. Please visit this accompanying support page for the BVR Toolset.


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