EnSight 10.1.6(d) - April 27, 2016

EnSight is proud to announce the newest version, EnSight 10.1.6d is now avaliable for download. This update provides bug fixes and enhancements that make EnSight an even more powerful tool for engineering visualizations. Below you will find some highlights of our enhancements. You can also download a full list of updates here.


Context Restore for Different Aspect Ratios 

If a user opens EnSight and creates annotations, then saves a context file and opens it on another machine with a different aspect ratio for the rendering window, annotations would be misplaced. This would also happen if a user saves the context file and applies it after manually changing the size of the rendering window in EnSight. In this new version, when you save a context file, you get the following lines added:

# Uncomment the line below if you want to restore the graphics window

# to the size that existed at the time the context was saved

#ext: tools_utilities.resize_render size:[916,755]

If you uncomment (by removing the "#") the graphics window will be resized to its original size. This system allows for flexibility for annotations within the EnSight system.

Pressure and Shear Force Tool is Now Flexible for Coordinate Frames 

Users are now able to choose a frame, if there is more than one frame, and then calculate RTZ Cylindrical Forces in the chosen non-zero (non-global) frame. Output is also now more usable for reports.

Part Groups and Part Collections

Running command files from older (Version 9 and above) versions of EnSight with groups included results in less useful collections. 10.1.6d includes a routine in ens_utilis to convert collections into groups.

Minor Enhancements

Smaller, Easier to Read Command Files

EnSight has eliminated the numerous "ext:treecmd ..." comments out of command files to make them easier to read.

EnSight Standard for CONVERGE (ESC) in Batch License Issue

Issue with licenses between interactive and batch has been corrected.

Improved Load Time for JT Files with Vector Arrows

A load-time issue with files exported from EnSight that contain vector arrow parts has been corrected.

Plotting – Query of 1D Part Over Distance 

EnSight now rescales the plotter when a user changes the type of query (with only one query in the plotter) to preserve blank plotters.

Part Constant Query Tool List of Constants 

The Part Constant Query tool now presents a shorter list of calculated constants, only presenting variables created using the selected part.

123 other fixes were also included. You can view the full list of bug fixes in the attachment below.

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