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Vector plot on section (polyhedron mesh)

Good morning,

I am en employee in a CFD company. We are currently experiencing a problem with the visualization and I am wondering whether it is due to an incorrect output file or it is just a Ensight standard behavior. We are exporting a polyhedron based mesh (which is correctly visualized) where all variables are stored at the nodes. Now the point is: when extract a section of that mesh and I try to plot the velocity vectors on such a section I end up having "multiple" vectors on each node (see the attached figure) . As I said, I would like to know whether this is the expected behavior or if there is something wrong with the .case (or .variables) files we are currently passing to Ensight.



Ruggero Poletto @ KARALIT s.r.l.

Ruggero Poletto Answered

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When you create a Clip (a section of the model) and create a vector arrow part from on the clip, you will have one vector arrow starting from each node. If in your geometry you have degenerate nodes (i.e.: multiple nodes at the same location), you will get multiple vector arrows starting from the same nodes.

To avoid this problem, you might want to create a grid clip plane. When using the grid option for the clip plane, EnSight will do a re-mesh of the section cut. This re-meshing will ensure that you have a set of nodes equally distributed.

You can find a more detailed description on the steps to follow at this FAQ:

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